Awards 2017 – Site Manager

As with the client award, this new award for SPACES looks to reward merit across the whole field of the public-sector construction industry. In this instance it involves the tenacity and collaborative working required by a construction site manager to achieve the delivery of a successful scheme. The panel were tasked to listen out for high performing individuals who helped make the construction phase a pleasure rather than a chore.

Having visited all the schemes, again there was one individual who stood out from the rest. He wasn’t present at the visit but the level of positive feedback from the project team including, client, architect, end user, throughout the entire walk around meant that this particular person had clearly gone over and above the rest and deserved recognition.

This year’s site manager of the year award goes to a gentleman who went the extra mile, who initiated collaborative conversations with suppliers to deliver the best possible outcome, who’s attention to detail was exemplary and who reportedly never lost his temper with the designers, well not in public anyway. He was key to the delivery of The Word in South Shields.

The Winner of the Site Manager of the Year is John Osborne, Bowmer & Kirkland