Condition Data Collection – Members in the Stakeholder groups

As you will be aware from previous newsletters the EFA are about to embark on their new Condition Data Collection programme (CDC). Pilot surveys of schools have already commenced on 40 sites across the Country. Please see the letter that has been issued to all Responsible Bodies. As part of launching the programme the EFA are holding  three separate stakeholder groups (one for Responsible Bodies, one for educational establishments / schools, and one for ‘professional bodies’). Each will have a slightly different focus to reflect members’ differing levels of direct engagement with the CDC programme.

We have SPACES representatives invited to both the Responsible Bodies and Professional Bodies stakeholder groups.  Our SPACES President, Martin Kent will be attending the Responsible Bodies Group and our SPACES Technical  Director, Mark Dunne has been invited to join the EFA Professional Bodies Stakeholder Group. Mark and Martin are attending to represent you the members of SPACES, they would therefore welcome your views, thoughts, improvements that you would wish to be considered for the proposed programme.   Please can we have your comments back by 1st March.